Aroused [verb]

Definition of Aroused:

excite, entice

Synonyms of Aroused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aroused:

Sentence/Example of Aroused:

Louis was not less astonished at this charge, than the Empress had been at the communication which aroused it.

Like an electric shock, the well-known chords of the Tragala aroused his hearers—every one crowded round the singer.

One day the hopes of all were aroused by a distant roar in the mountains, only to be dashed by finding it to be thunder.

The first was a democratic step indeed, and aroused great excitement.

It had been aroused a little by the stranger himself; secondly by their scared faces; thirdly by this close conference.

He had concluded his prayer, but still remained with his head buried in his hands, when a rustling noise aroused him.

Just then Jess was aroused from her brown 15 study by hearing somebody calling breathlessly after her.

She stood before him with lowered eyelids, her bosom heaving still from the agitation of fear his closeness had aroused in her.

An offer which Jane received from a very honest, industrious, and thrifty jeweler, aroused anew a mother's maternal solicitude.

This action aroused Governor Berkeley who immediately considered Bacon a traitor, and a civil war or rebellion resulted.