Whet [verb]

Definition of Whet:

make sharp

Synonyms of Whet:








Opposite/Antonyms of Whet:

Sentence/Example of Whet:

To whet my appetite for Egypt now, I have to have something tasty.

We need something to awaken our attention, to whet our appetite, and to contrast our joys.

No more than that; nothing that can betray us; yet enough to whet his lordship's appetite.

And have you thought how to whet the courage of your troopers?

Difficulties served to whet Sir Donald's desire for success.

But hunger will whet his appetite for anything that his bowels can digest.

I fear we shall none of us get more than will whet our appetite.

Enough of these remain to whet, though not to satisfy, the curiosity of the student.

But “if a man will not turn,” says the same text, “He will whet His sword.”

After grinding it is necessary to whet the chisel and other edged tools.