Hone [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Hone:

You might want to hone your keyword research skills for the best possible outcome.

Moreover, thinking of your content and your site overall from a brand authority perspective naturally hones your topical focus.

There were no magic tricks — just discipline, attention to detail and well-honed ball movement.

As she honed this approach, Shanti’s food took off at Benne on Eagle, garnering the praise of Asheville locals, critics and fellow chefs.

That’s a skill set she honed at Walmart, during a decade-long tenure that included running Sam’s Club, the company’s warehouse club business.

Jurisdictions across the Washington region on Thursday continued to hone their coronavirus vaccination programs.

Infrastructure spending can also be honed to support clean energy, for instance by upgrading the aging electrical grid, building public transit, or providing a network of electric vehicle charging stations.

All the more reason to hone your self-care and focus on making connections.

She calls the program “very generous” and “life changing,” an opportunity to hone her journalistic skills and also meet luminaries within the video games industry, such as Hideo Kojima and actor Norman Reedus.

In time, they hope to determine how we can hone those behaviors to be less distracting and more effective when it comes to reducing stress and increasing attention.