Tottering [adjective]

Definition of Tottering:


Opposite/Antonyms of Tottering:


Sentence/Example of Tottering:

Our Union is tottering to its foundation, and slavery is the cause.

I went downstairs trembling, tottering, and my teeth chattering.

It had taken this news from the harbor to bring him tottering, crashing down.

He was not about to throw himself headlong from the summit of the tottering wall.

The commercial and moral fabric of European civilization is tottering.

His knees were tottering, he was treading as on waves; yet he went on.

She advanced to him, on tottering feet, with outstretched hands.

The girl did not heed them or the lamp, that rocked drunkenly with the tottering table.

For the most part, they are the old and the feeble, pale of face and tottering in step.

They stood erect and tottering above the level of heads and drooping shoulders.