Untrustworthy [adjective]

Definition of Untrustworthy:

not dependable, unfaithful

Synonyms of Untrustworthy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untrustworthy:

Sentence/Example of Untrustworthy:

Do not allow yourselves to be misled by the common notion that an hypothesis is untrustworthy simply because it is an hypothesis.

Lyttleton was of flimsier stuff, or instinct were untrustworthy.

The problem was to find out the untrustworthy member of the group.

At the time, however, I did not know what an untrustworthy humbug Schomberg was.

Your father was lazy and incompetent and, worst of all, untrustworthy.

Mere statistics are untrustworthy; dates are even less dependable.

He admits that the upper class are untrustworthy and avaricious.

He even conceives the idea of sending to sea an untrustworthy ship.

It also had a tendency to separate those who were insincere and untrustworthy.

The plague was followed by a period of bad and untrustworthy leadership.