Delusional [adjective]

Definition of Delusional:

having unrealistic beliefs

Synonyms of Delusional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delusional:

Sentence/Example of Delusional:

Today both the Senate and House will vote multiple times to reject your delusional conspiracy theories and affirm the certified Electoral College results.

If someone told you in March, when the World Health Organization finally called the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic, that we’d have three strong coronavirus vaccine candidates by mid-November, you might have called that person delusional.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that those who score very high in the Light Triad are delusional.

Paranoia, as it is called, mild delusional insanity, may assert itself and then may persist for the rest of life.

Later we shall have something to say about the delusional systems which appear to be common to the crowd-mind and the paranoiac.

May, 1907:—Still delusional, hypochondriacal; paralysis very much improved.

On his transfer to our Hospital he readily carries  over his delusional ideas to the officials here.

He adhered very tenaciously to his delusional system and believed himself fully justified in all his litigious pursuits.

On several occasions he refused to take nourishment for several days at a time in reaction to his delusional ideas.

He continued, however, to air his delusional ideas whenever the physician attempted to examine him.