Fanatic [noun]

Definition of Fanatic:

person overenthusiastic about an interest

Synonyms of Fanatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fanatic:

Sentence/Example of Fanatic:

If you are more of a coffee fanatic than anything else, you can also use a built-in timer to monitor your pour-over.

A 1974 Reader article about her bid for office praises her looks and quotes her as saying that “in 1964 my sisters and I were Goldwater fanatics.”

This also adds as well as goes to show just how fanatic people can be at times when a trend hits them.

The tech giant announced some important new additions to its now veteran devices, and in general those additions may make many consumers take notice, particularly ones who are health fanatics.

Then earlier this month, Nintendo gave video game fanatics some hope by saying its supply chain problems were nearly fixed.

His impetuosity called forth the expression, “He is a fanatic who will lead us to a precipice.”

It is but too true that one fanatic is sufficient for the commission of a parricide, without any accomplice.

His face shone with extraordinary brilliancy, due, no doubt, to the excess of strength which his fanatic devotion gave him.

But there was no telling at what moment these fanatic Mexicans would discover what was going on, and balk it all.

He had always been a loyal citizen—not a fanatic, but loyal—and it wasn't easy for him to question his own basic assumptions.