Presumptuous [adjective]

Definition of Presumptuous:

arrogant; taking liberties; self-confident

Synonyms of Presumptuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Presumptuous:

Sentence/Example of Presumptuous:

I am not so presumptuous as to say that for me this may not happen.

The diffident took heart before him, and the presumptuous were checked.

This young man is his book-keeper, and so his love is presumptuous.

We have—you have disproved the love I was so presumptuous as to believe you fostered for me.

Presumptuous he had accounted himself—but only until she had found him so.

"Presumptuous that I am," said he to the rivulet, to contradict himself the next moment.

I would cheerfully do it if it did not seem to be presumptuous on the part of a stranger.

It would be presumptuous to ascribe such demeanor to insensibility.

But she answered it nevertheless in the words, "Not so unmaidenly as presumptuous."

Just as he had blasted the presumptuous natives who opposed him.