Overweening [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Overweening:

Nor does his attempt fail from any overweening or blindness, in himself.

It may have been Milburgh's overweening faith in his own genius.

And have you, young lady, any of that overweening prejudice in favour of your own island?

Of overweening egotism Pattison himself at any rate had none.

There is an overweening vanity about that man which is quite upsetting.

“Anything,” replied Considine, with the overweening confidence of youth.

“Of course you are,” said Victor, with the overweening assurance of youth.

He was possessed by no overweening desire for the strenuous life.

Have we some overweening tyrant, who insults us with his wealth?

If you love her do not flatter her; her overweening vanity is her ruin.