Aimless [adjective]

Definition of Aimless:

having no goal

Opposite/Antonyms of Aimless:

Sentence/Example of Aimless:

Our social life is aimless without it, we are a crowd without a common understanding.

Beardsley was watching Arnold's fingers; there was something aimless and fretful as they pushed among the code-sealed tapes.

He closed the door, whistling gloomily, went over to the piano and struck a few aimless chords.

They say such thoughts are sinful, but annihilation is preferable to an aimless, loveless existence.

Always remember that a short anecdote well told is worth pages of aimless enumeration.

And there rose before her clearly that the only way to reclaim him was to put a purpose into his aimless life.

Ricasoli had been driven from office by his own maladroitness and Garibaldi's wild, aimless opposition.

Pausing but a moment, he leaped away again, with that wild, aimless impulse which comes over one when panic-stricken.

For Winnie, dark as Kathlyn was light, was as careless and aimless as thistledown in the wind.

Joan bent her gaze upon the ground, a flush tinting her brown face, plucking at the grass with aimless fingers.