Unavailing [adjective]

Definition of Unavailing:


Synonyms of Unavailing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unavailing:


Sentence/Example of Unavailing:

The Germans who sought refuge in their dugouts found them unavailing.

For a long time his efforts were unavailing; the task seemed hopeless.

Regrets, unavailing regrets, are the poorest companions possible.

She put up her hands in mute protest, but the protest was unavailing.

He had made many efforts to escape, but all had been unavailing.

The latter then resorted to artifice, seeing that force was unavailing.

All attempts of Mary Dodge to hear from her husband while he was in prison were unavailing.

But his efforts were unavailing; Kepler would not leave his own country.

He lifted up his voice in loud appeals, but they were unavailing.

It was unavailing and he had to drop back, hanging below the slender bar.