Wayward [adjective]

Definition of Wayward:

contrary, unmanageable

Opposite/Antonyms of Wayward:

Sentence/Example of Wayward:

From the moment they again met, his wayward heart reverted to her.

I have, indeed, been the luckless victim of wayward follies; but, alas!

But wayward children must, with all kindness, be flogged into obedience.

Through some trick of wayward thought, to myself and my trouble.

Then pity won the day in the wayward but ever gentle heart of Valentina.

It was proper that the severe mother should chastise her wayward child.

Frontenac, on his part, was the most wayward and headstrong of men.

No, Billy; I reviewed every step of my strange and wayward life.

She should come and show that she is not wayward or unmanageable.

We are but simpletons, the best of us, and I am a very inconsistent and wayward simpleton.