Immutable [adjective]

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Two things are immutable about us as living, breathing organisms.

That sexual orientation is both a normal expression of human sexuality and immutable was a key part of the majority’s opinion in Obergefell, which by the way Scalia did not agree with.

In a series of cases, she sought to establishsex, like race, is a visible, immutable characteristic bearing no necessary relationship to ability.

An insistence on the immutable value of life — one loss is too many — coupled with a look-it-could-have-been-worse.

The 15- to 30-second commercial break format has remained just as immutable.

Hitherto we have been hampered at every turn by the supposed obstacle of immutable economic laws.

The laws of the Church of God remain immutable, amid the changes that overtake the various communities of men.

The principles on which the vow is made, are immutable; and while the Church is on earth, it will continue to be obligatory.

God's means are laws—fixed laws of nature, a part of His own being, and as immutable, as unchangeable as Himself.

She had reluctantly now accepted her position, and recognized her cousin's determination as immutable.