Ageless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ageless:

She stands beside the cage, a shrivelled ageless Italian, clasping and unclasping her dark claws.

The very age of the walls was a protest against the assumption that there is a touchstone that is ageless.

A hard and glittering sanity, a kind of ageless enamel, is what confronts us in their temperament.

In a red glimmer he saw the incredible travesty of a child, a lead-colored woman, shriveled and ageless from agony.

But my husband has left the cool shade of those things that are ageless and unfading.

I marvel that so many are fooled by the trick; how so few of us detect that the soul of it all is ageless—has never even wearied.

All these were to say that the soul of the world is ageless, and that time is but a cheap device to measure our infirmities.

The following ageless prayer expresses not only the spirit of the poet but that of earnest Christians everywhere and of every age.

He resembled so undeniably the gardeners in that ageless chronicle of Alice that Caroline smiled approvingly upon him.

And in the midst of these ageless wonders the names of Civil War soldiers carved on the stone walls.