Alterable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Alterable:

Their acts are "alterable" by the Board of Overseers, to whom they are responsible.

"Yes" or "No," when once definitely uttered by a Bushi, was no more alterable than the ebb and flow of the tide.

The very fourth commandment, however it was a perpetual law as to the proportion of time, yet was alterable as to the seventh day.

Affecting this Act, except in so far as it is declared to be alterable by the Irish Legislature.

The provisions with respect to this second order fall within the class of enactments which are alterable by the Irish Legislature.

The manner of it is very alterable; the matter and fact of it is not alterable by any power under the sky.

It is not shackled with a Bill of Rights, and every part of it, is at any time, alterable by an ordinary Legislature.

Our dinner-hour is four: but alterable without inconvenience to earlier or later.

Our sentence we cannot alter; a Court's sentence is alterable only by appeal; your Majesty decides where the appeal is to lie!

This proves, that the very men who had made that constitution, understood that it would be alterable by the General Assembly.