Operative [adjective]

Definition of Operative:

active, functioning; influential

Synonyms of Operative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Operative:

Sentence/Example of Operative:

When the operative had withdrawn, the detective turned to Ramon.

Blaine demanded, curtly, when the operative paused at length.

Her father, an operative gardener, removed in 1842 to Torwoodlee, Roxburghshire.

He then went to Karazin as signalman and operative in the railway works.

The Spirit of God was operative so far as the unbelief of men permitted.

The captain waved his hand and the operative bent to his task.

With some subjects, however, verbal imagery alone is operative.

And it was a real, feeling, active, and operative gratitude that he so put on.

What operative procedure gives, on the whole, the best results?

In fact, when the donations come to be realised the Operative may be the loser.