Fleeting [adjective]

Definition of Fleeting:

brief, transient

Synonyms of Fleeting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fleeting:

Sentence/Example of Fleeting:

Now, though, due to the pandemic, even those of us in urban environments find ourselves with a precious and fleeting opportunity to hear the sounds that the other inhabitants of the planet are making.

According to polling by Civiqs, for a fleeting moment early in the pandemic, there wasn’t such a big gap between Republicans and Democrats in terms of how they saw the economy.

Tracking demand and looking at year over year search trends, with Google Ads data as source, remains an accurate way to understand what changed for good, and what is just a fleeting trend depending on the short-term pandemic impact.

Our experience of The Fabulous has been reduced to fleeting sound-bites and awkward livestreams.

The fleeting existence of the quark pair above, like many virtual events, is represented by a Feynman diagram with a closed “loop.”

But the impression was so fleeting as to be indefinable, and soon I was busy getting everyone settled in the car.

True, he offered her just what I did, and with it he gave those fleeting joys that wealth brings.

Lady Hartledon looked back on her fleeting triumph; a triumph at the time certainly, but a short one.

Webber, the tall man with the tough face, watched the fleeting symbols and his face was stony.

But everything in this world is fleeting and transitory, and therefore it is not easy to arrive at truth.