Fugitive [adjective]

Definition of Fugitive:

fleeing, transient

Synonyms of Fugitive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fugitive:

Sentence/Example of Fugitive:

These prewar doctrines formed the basis of the wartime policy by which the Union Army confiscated, freed and eventually enlisted fugitive slaves.

The fugitive quality of the book’s structure and plot also parallels the arc of his strained on-again, off-again relationship with his mother, who eventually descends into dementia.

The fugitive, Shawn Lequin Braddy, 37, opened fire on Montgomery County police officers as they closed in on him Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

“They pursue the most serious violent fugitives we have,” Newsham said.

After falsely identifying King as the fugitive they were looking for, the officers arrested him before allegedly beating and choking him to the point of unconsciousness.

Anthony, titular king of Portugal, died at Paris, a fugitive from the victorious arms of the Spaniards.

Wallace, the last centre of opposition, was a fugitive, dogged by emissaries of the English King.

Stirling surrendered and Wallace a fugitive, Edward went home and meditated measures for the government of the conquered country.

They buy no fugitive matter, and I havent 68 sent them anything since having my interview with Mr. Prentice.

She hoped that something would turn up and watched the mails very eagerly, hoping that a fugitive check might come.