Confronting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Confronting:

The young lady, hearing his step, turned round and stood on the stair, confronting him fiercely.

The motorist, however, finds a different problem confronting him in making London his center.

Gregory picked up an ax as he stepped back, and then stood confronting the boys threateningly.

He had risen, and he was confronting his merry host very fiercely, white to the lips, his eyes aflame.

Bob sprang quickly from his seat on one of the bunks, and he and Tom stood confronting Harvey.

At that time the two main armies operating in Virginia were confronting each other near Fredericksburg.

“We have stronger evidence against you,” said Duncan, confronting him with an undaunted look, before which his insolence quailed.

Generalship there was not; every baron and his knights fought his own little battle with the hordesmen confronting.

And having fixed Soriki's face, he tried to believe that he was now confronting the com-tech, speaking directly to him.

Yesterday those men, in the full tide of life, stood in the trenches confronting the enemy.