Lasting [adjective]

Definition of Lasting:

enduring, unending

Opposite/Antonyms of Lasting:

Sentence/Example of Lasting:

There is one application in addition to vaccines, however, where brief exposure to messenger RNA could have effects lasting years, or even a lifetime.

Carole Peterson, a researcher at Memorial University of Newfoundland, said early experiences can have a lasting impact on behavioral reactions and attitudes.

Lurie said he felt the team needs to get younger and sacrifice short-term gain for a roster transformation that will lead to lasting success.

While the most recent dementia studies might be too new to include, it’s a shame the book doesn’t note the widespread concern over the lasting neurological effects on those who have gotten sick from the coronavirus.

To the extent that this is a lasting moment in Hawley’s political career, it seems to have turned out nothing like he may have planned.

People must be taught skills that are directly linked to in-demand jobs in a “stackable” manner that allow them to pick up new competencies and build a lasting career at the same time.

The experience inspired him to try to find a more lasting solution to the disease.

Like others in the party, he hopes that the outcome both in November and in the Georgia midterms could point to a more lasting realignment for the country.

They told of how she led them on annual study abroad trips to Germany and to Chicago’s Christkindlmarket holiday street fair, and spoke of her lasting impact on their lives.

The strike would have lasting impact on labor and race relations in Waterloo.