Indelible [adjective]

Definition of Indelible:

not able to be erased, indestructible

Synonyms of Indelible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indelible:

Sentence/Example of Indelible:

Don left an indelible mark on the Dodger franchise during his 16 seasons in Los Angeles and many of his records continue to stand to this day.

For fans of this team at that time, Portis’s get-ups are indelible.

The old smart revived; or rather, the old indelible impressions of it left on nerve and brain.

An indelible ink pencil (violet) may, in most cases, be used in place of the solution.

The tracing is done by means of a special form of style giving indelible curves through the medium of colored glycerine.

These men left an indelible mark upon the English in India during their time, and did much to prepare the way of the missionary.

There is no name for that elusive, eloquent, yet indelible sign life sets upon the faces of the lost.

This was the first time that I saw him, and his appearance made an indelible impression upon my mind.

On this web, Time has drawn the picture of the past—sometimes faintly, sometimes with indelible tints and pronounced forms.

In Brussels it was accounted an indelible disgrace to be distanced by a stranger in such munificence.