Ineradicable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ineradicable:

And behind Pole are the Elizabethan settlement and the Puritans; ineradicable from our consciousness.

Here we find the biological explanation of the ineradicable impulse mankind has always displayed toward segregation into classes.

She has, as most true country people have, an ineradicable and fundamental passion for independence.

The law of the former is stamped upon him by an incorruptible consciousness, that of the latter by an ineradicable feeling.

Ineradicable hospitality and appreciation glowed on old man Ellison's weather-tanned face.

There again the tendency to mind something other than one's own business is almost ineradicable.

The ineradicable instinct of the sex directed her eyes to her dress, before the Germans appeared.

It was something that had grown ineradicable; as fixed as the relationship between the hound and the hare.

Yet at the core of that wreck burned the old passion for power, the ineradicable appetite for authority.

Wives are just as inexplicable curses, just as ineradicable and astonishing as humps imposed on shapely backs.