Entrenched [adjective]

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With a south wind entrenched, it certainly won’t be as cold as last night.

The number of school districts that reported using seclusion, the practice of forcibly isolating a student in a small room or other space, also increased to 138 from 133, underscoring how entrenched the practice has been in the state.

Every one of our claims has an angle emphasizing just how damaging this project is to environmental justice and entrenching racism.

As households and businesses transitioned to extended periods of remote work and school, the mega-platforms further entrenched their positions while smaller rivals stumbled.

The downtrend in the greenback may see a “temporary pause” depending on the election outcome, but its weakness is likely entrenched over the long term, said Seth.

So it will be interesting to see if the number of teams using Native names and images continues to diminish, or if communities who see these mascots as a way to preserve their identity further entrench themselves.

Although this standard fell short of the “strict scrutiny test” required in cases involving classifications on the basis of race, it nonetheless entrenched an important equality principle.

As businesses and consumers come to expect increasingly lower inflation, they act in ways that entrench slower price gains.

First, it threatens to entrench systemic biases, the type of discrimination hidden within the COMPAS algorithm for years.

It carries a host of risks in depersonalizing management systems and entrenching pre-existing biases.