Temporary [adjective]

Definition of Temporary:

lasting only a short while

Opposite/Antonyms of Temporary:

Sentence/Example of Temporary:

God has never, as far as we can see, dealt in special and temporary gifts.

The men were preparing their breakfast, and a temporary halt had been called for that purpose.

He probably thought this first home so temporary it didn't count.

Longfellow's Skeleton in Armor has revealed their temporary settlement.

Perhaps this fit was only temporary, and will not come again for a long time.

Hermaphroditism must be regarded as a temporary or transitional form.

“Hit the south trail for the temporary cache,” the leader went on.

As he leaves them they are reminded of one Temporary, 'once a forward man in religion.'

Only a thin film, you see, but enough to form a temporary plug.

There was thus a temporary respite of hostilities in this section of the country.