Makeshift [adjective]

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The makeshift school day takes place at Mathnasium, Sylvan Learning, or Code Ninja locations, with supplemental activities available between classes.

The gym, usually a hub for basketball, badminton, and volleyball leagues, as well as pickup games, has become a makeshift testing center.

You can sit the phone open and facing you like a laptop to enable a makeshift two-display setup.

To accommodate the influx of patients, Ochsner was converting operating rooms into makeshift intensive care units.

Faulconer’s office announced Tuesday that the city and nonprofit Alpha Project have begun moving homeless families into a makeshift shelter in South Bay.

That’s likely because the rural poor are using the money as makeshift insurance policies against inclement weather, Ferraro says.

The Roman soldiers crossed across this makeshift bridge, and directly boarded the enemy ship.

Though to a certain extent useful when no better means of control is provided, this is but a makeshift.

He slouched wordlessly into the room, hands thrust deep in the pockets of a makeshift jacket.

No native takes any part in the preaching on the station, except in extreme cases, when it is regarded as a makeshift.