Perishable [adjective]

Definition of Perishable:

liable to spoil, rot

Synonyms of Perishable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perishable:

Sentence/Example of Perishable:

All the works of God are everlasting; the only perishable are some of the works of man.

With crops which are perishable or bulky, "processing" must be performed locally.

The defacing finger of Time is visible on all perishable articles.

Perishable freight and time freight were diverted to other lines.

But they are gone, and even the perishable labors of their lives outlive them.

It seems to me that objects of that description are a trifle too perishable.

But some of these ornaments are perishable, and can but delight us for awhile.

It is only the most priceless and most perishable treasure in God's storehouse.

Its fate is decided according as it leans to the spiritual or the perishable.

He is chained to the perishable, the eagle gnaws him, he has to suffer.