Atomic [adjective]

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We only know that under certain conditions the old atomic associations break up, and new ones are formed.

You have atomic weapons you intend using against your enemy—against the Eastern Empire?

Factories a long way under ground, behind the Soviet lines, factories that had once made atomic projectiles, now almost forgotten.

Then the author tells us of the atomic hypothesis of the formation of the Great World.

Obviously this electric time impulsor is a machine in the nature of an atomic integrator.

It was open, and the little black case which contained the unfinished atomic ray projector was gone.

Ankova transferred to his own belt the weapons of the corpse—his heavy pistol—his case of atomic grenades—his bejeweled war club.

In the midst of the first cloud, hundreds of minute specks of light were flashing—the atomic torpedoes were exploding.

The Atomic Ray arched angrily, cutting a deep swath through those who still sought a hold.

The great hydroelectric dams, the hundreds of steam turbines, the heavy-metal atomic reactors—all useless for power purposes.