Inconsequential [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inconsequential:

You might deem my affection for this inconsequential creature absurd, or worse, in light of all the people lost to the coronavirus.

What makes TikTok in particular so effective is its ability to catapult inconsequential videos to viral status.

When advertisers over-bid on impressions to compensate for high exchange fees — or when they buy them via auctions that aren’t even considered by the publisher — exchange fees are inconsequential to campaign ROI, they said.

Days had gone by and we lacked the energy to begrudge their inconsequential passing, but now a time of reckoning had come.

"Sometimes," said Stover, with an inconsequential wave of his hand.

It was restoring to talk thus of inconsequential things; Ruth was beginning to feel more herself than she had felt in years.

Maggie stepped to the connecting door, sent Miss Grierson on an inconsequential errand, and returned.

Formerly it washed on either side over a shelving beach, and was but a shallow, inconsequential stream.

The electric passes of her hypnotic manual brought from it nothing but inconsequential grimaces.

His mind would not work easily; he found himself dwelling upon inconsequential trifles—what had become of his cap?