Shrimp [adjective]

Definition of Shrimp:

small, insignificant

Synonyms of Shrimp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shrimp:

Sentence/Example of Shrimp:

I helped her up on to this rock and baited her hook with shrimp.

But, my dear Lawless, out of the host of servants at Heathfield, how do you know it was Shrimp who did it?

Some of the young ones, as joyful skippers, could have tired out a shrimp.

"I hope we don't have to have much to do with Shrimp," muttered Noll Terry.

For Shrimp had been tried by court-martial, three days before.

A small creature (Talitra), resembling a shrimp, which abounds on some beaches.

Let us return to our shrimp colonies and bring a handful to our pool.

The shrimp struggles for a moment and is then drawn downward 136 out of sight.

"You'm a shrimp, that's what you are," Mr. Pawket said to the key.

He is hardly bigger than a shrimp, but he is their deadly enemy.