Runt [noun]

Definition of Runt:

very small person

Synonyms of Runt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Runt:


Sentence/Example of Runt:

He had been right in his conjecture, Slim was “the runt of something good.”

Who'd have thought that the runt was the smartest of the family?

And if he objected—as he usually did—they were sure to laugh and call him "Runt."

A runt from under the Mormon ditch; we raise bigger on our land.

Men with hearts in them; and Rosy, let me tell you, is no runt in that litter.

"Two touchdowns and a goal have happened," said Runt Woods gloomily.

"It's lucky that runt of a Reynolds held his tongue," he said hotly.

Finally, the type specimen of munda is a "runt," smaller than any other male seen.

Watch that, runt, or I'll get off and put my foot in your mouth and pull you on like a boot!

Runt, an old cow past breeding; opprobriously, an old woman.