Vitalizing [adjective]

Definition of Vitalizing:


Opposite/Antonyms of Vitalizing:

Sentence/Example of Vitalizing:

A union of all the vitalizing elements is as necessary in society as in the family.

What celestial dreams and vitalizing sleep should fill our nights!

But the democratic theory is that, so obtained, they lack a vitalizing element.

There is only the barren will to give which only a miracle can transform into a vitalizing bounty.

The forms may be repeated, but the vitalizing spirit is not there.

Remember that every moment of contact with your vital force is vitalizing him.

Their will and thought were in accord, vitalizing and confirming each other.

The general character of preaching was not of a vitalizing sort.

Of course, also, it is only love that supplies and is the vitalizing relation.

He added to these the vitalizing power that came from his personality.