Quickening [adjective]

Definition of Quickening:


Opposite/Antonyms of Quickening:

Sentence/Example of Quickening:

Quickening the dead among them, reviving the cold and the doubting.

"We must hurry," she declared, quickening her own small steps.

Presently she brightened, turning to Mackenzie with quickening eyes.

From his vantage-point he had a clear view of the quickening rush of departure.

It has produced a regeneration, penetrating and quickening the whole.

The objects are rinsed after quickening, and put in the depositing bath at once.

He was as cool as an iced melon, the drawl in his voice not quickening in the least.

One of those pieces Clarence picked up with a quickening pulse.

For an instant Copplestone glanced back at him, a quickening in his dull eyes.

It was all Arthur could do to keep from quickening the pace.