Athletic [adjective]

Definition of Athletic:

agile; prepared to participate in sports

Synonyms of Athletic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Athletic:

Sentence/Example of Athletic:

At first the dozen or more girls had practiced on their athletic field, which was now snow-covered, too.

They even called on Jess Morse by name, and hitched that name to the battle cry of their athletic field.

His clothes fitted him well, and displayed to advantage a figure which, although short, was well made and athletic.

His leaning position brought out the breadth of his shoulders and emphasized the athletic lines of his figure.

For once in her life, Gale was thoroughly glad for her athletic training and gymnastic ability.

It is a strange thing that any race can still find joy in such athletic exercises.

The Strathallan Gathering, usually held in the neighbourhood, is the most popular athletic meeting in mid-Scotland.

The vigour in his face suggested that he found a kind of athletic luxury in what he had to think about.

They were sharp-eyed, athletic-looking men, whose appearance on the island boded no good to one Craigie, alias Kemble.

I hadn't the athletic ability of these Zervs who seemed to like to climb ropes hand over hand.