Deft [adjective]

Definition of Deft:

agile, clever

Synonyms of Deft:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deft:

Sentence/Example of Deft:

With a deft movement the conductor unhooks the board, and calmly walks away with it under his arm.

Recovering his breath, Jim snatches the knife at his side, and with a few deft strokes releases the metal.

Nina had a vision of Prothero standing over the little thing, his long deft hands trembling as he performed this office.

Then, with deft fingers, she shook them loose while the man came suddenly close to her, his eyes studying her face in surprise.

With a deft twist and flip he tossed the open noose over his prisoner's upheld wrists and jerked it tight.

With a deft hand she re-arranged the disordered folds of her dress.

And they moved like true Cossacks of the void, directing their machines by deft motions on the mysterious levers.

His gray eyes were wide, trained for long military years to miss nothing; his fingers moved over the panel with deft skill.

This recognition of deft-handedness, small claim on consideration as it might seem, was still a balm to the child.

The fever was abating, still the deft fingers dripping with the water pressed the fevered face.