Versatile [adjective]

Definition of Versatile:

adjustable, flexible

Synonyms of Versatile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Versatile:

Sentence/Example of Versatile:

And a very tolerable forgery did this versatile hero produce.

It is to be wished that it were, but it is no such easy matter to be versatile in painting.

Versatile, yet persevering, he varied his pursuits, but he never abandoned any.

Talma and Rachel, if as great as he, were not so complete, so versatile.

Perez was not the only favoured votary of the versatile siren.

Negro workmen are loyal and patriotic, cheerful and versatile.

Through these garrulous, versatile commentators his horizon is vastly extended.

Hannah too is versatile; and leaps from adoration to envy with wonderful facility.

And, among them sat the modest, unassuming, versatile Priestley.

The most versatile—and—also delightful—Chopinist is Pachmann.