Elastic [adjective]

Definition of Elastic:

pliant, rubbery

Synonyms of Elastic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elastic:

Sentence/Example of Elastic:

Among the rise of green hills dotted with cows, at the farm and creamery of Louis Bononci, James had his first taste of Teleme, a washed-rind cheese with a subtly elastic texture and milky tang.

The tools and threads are all held in place with elastic straps, so the supplies stay organized even if bounced around in a bag.

The remolded electronic structure won’t stay in place of its own accord, just as a piece of elastic won’t stay stretched if you don’t keep pulling.

It’s comfortable and it’s got a nice elastic spring that adheres nicely to movement.

The lid has an elastic opening that allows for quick access while hiding the garbage inside.

We took a look at some notebooks that provide durability and functionality, such as rounded edges, elastic closure bands, leather straps and water resistant covers.

Underneath that crease, Samsung has redesigned the hinge, which now has increased elastic material in it, allowing it to rest in between 75 and 115 degrees of tilt.

Accordingly, the question "How far does the note issue under the new system seem likely to prove an elastic one?"

The sputum of more advanced cases resembles that of chronic bronchitis, with the addition of tubercle bacilli and elastic fibers.

Industrial society is therefore mobile, elastic, standing at any moment in a temporary and unstable equilibrium.