Ductile [adjective]

Definition of Ductile:

pliant, flexible

Synonyms of Ductile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ductile:

Sentence/Example of Ductile:

Other kinds of lava are much more ductile and viscous, and coagulate superficially in glossy or wrinkled crusts.

Consider the vigour, popularity, pleasantness of an art of coinage thus ductile to events, and easy in manipulution.

Copper is very malleable and ductile when cold, and in this state may be easily worked under the hammer.

It forms a metal with high tensile strength while being ductile and malleable.

The most ductile and tenacious soft iron, free from all blemishes, must be selected for this slip.

It has the appearance of twisted ribands; is white or reddish; nearly opaque, and a little ductile.

This alloy is often found to be brittle at the first mixing, but becomes ductile after remelting.

What evil had the alternately ductile and unmanageable Shelley been educated into thinking of his no longer incomparable friend?

Ibsen's earliest impressions of what these poets had become accustomed to at a ductile age were contradictory and even incoherent.

Swedish iron is largely used in the manufacture of upholstery tacks because of its peculiar ductile qualities.