Submitting [verb]

Definition of Submitting:

comply, endure

Opposite/Antonyms of Submitting:

Sentence/Example of Submitting:

The head must dictate and govern my actions, all else submitting.

But if he is a king, and has power, how base would he be in submitting to them!

"It is not so bad that I cannot stand," said he, submitting himself to the monk's examination.

We should never begin to consider the advisability of submitting to it.

Submitting to Providence, she bent her head down; she was consoled.

They have had their opportunity of submitting to the law peaceably, and they have chosen to disregard it.

Does she answer the purpose of her existence by submitting to be the toy of man?

Do your voices forbid your submitting to the Church militant?

She forced all three to shake hands on it, Joe submitting with an ill grace.

The old man was living as a convict, submitting as he should and doing no wrong.