Tolerate [verb]

Definition of Tolerate:

allow, indulge

Synonyms of Tolerate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tolerate:

Sentence/Example of Tolerate:

But that terrible monopoly, the Paris-Lyon-Mditerrane, will tolerate no rivals.

To tolerate and accept it is to revive the dark evil ages afresh.

They only tolerate the female Orders, and will only have one flock.

I don't refer merely to the liaisons which we have had to tolerate.

In the same way, he came to tolerate Matt—as a possession of his master.

He could tolerate no irreverent spirits in the sanctuary of the mountain.

Did you think you could bribe me with your gifts to tolerate your vileness?

It is on this account that I tolerate his presence at Lavedan.

Most persons, though, cannot tolerate a man who minds his own business.

Priests, however, tolerate no rivals, and permit no legerdemain but their own.