Undergo [verb]

Definition of Undergo:

be subjected to

Synonyms of Undergo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undergo:

Sentence/Example of Undergo:

Her dear friend is left in trouble, and undergo sickness too.

But before they can be used to advantage, they must undergo a process of retroussage.

And what greater good or evil can any destiny ever make us undergo?

For there are two classes of souls who undergo punishment—the curable and the incurable.

Why must I always have to undergo humiliation after humiliation?

He knows not yet half the bitterness of that which he has to undergo.

At Ventimiglia we had all to turn out to undergo the inspection of the Italian dogana.

Then you can go back to my office with me and see what I have to undergo every afternoon.

State the reason why school children should undergo a medical examination.

It is plain that they had also to undergo the ascendancy of her religion.