Stomach [noun]

Definition of Stomach:

digestive organ of animate being; exterior

Synonyms of Stomach:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stomach:


Sentence/Example of Stomach:

He whirled to receive the muzzle of a revolver in his stomach.

There was a wild yell; Andrew was stopped in mid-air by a rifle thrust into his stomach.

And sometimes I have sharp pains in the stomach, as if I had the colic.

I shouldn't wonder a mite if you'd got some o' them stomach troubles along with your cold.

Within a few minutes began to have fearful pains in stomach, followed by cramps.

Now, when the poison was no longer in the stomach, will-power could do a great deal.

On cutting the carcase open, Johnson found nothing but water in the stomach.

Then her stomach began to swell and she suffered, oh, so dreadfully!

That's well—and that ould Matthew is as obstinate a neger as ever famished his stomach.

The hairdresser made way for him between himself and the stomach.