Unbendable [adjective]

Definition of Unbendable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unbendable:


Sentence/Example of Unbendable:

I can never reach her; my old bones are too stiff and unbendable.

He framed the threshold and curiously eyed this unbendable man.

It needed the strength of a bullock to accomplish the deed: that, or the strength which comes from unbendable human will.

Against this glowing background her slim, erect figure, stiff with unbendable pride, stood out in vivid relief.

But you needn't put your back up, Mr. Unbendable, and think you were forced on them.

This latter feature Markham had to learn, for when morning broke, a single toe and all of one hand were swollen and unbendable.

Was there, after all, an obstinate, unbendable back-bone under the soft feathers of this his nestling dove?