Extensible [adjective]

Definition of Extensible:

capable of extension

Synonyms of Extensible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extensible:


Sentence/Example of Extensible:

The caissons of these sets carried 24-inch lights on extensible towers.

Gluten is greyish coloured, and extensible whilst fresh and moist, like caoutchouc.

It also has a hollow extensible adjustable handle and a fruit receiver.

The ovipositor has therefore lengthened its extensible tube and pushed beyond the feather stopper driven in by the lead.

The neck is partly bare, and very extensible; the bill long, and hooked at the end; the feet small, and webbed.

Mention has been made of a combined folding desk and extensible table.

The small peak indicated in the illustration is enormously extensible and can be shifted into infinite varieties of position.

A long glutinous extensible tongue hung out of his jaws in search of the ants, which formed its principal food.

The lips, especially the lower one, are long and very extensible.

They have a large siphon and a fairly large and extensible proboscis.