Discerning [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Discerning:

As a result, startup founders are trying to become more discerning about venture funding, rather than viewing it merely as free money.

The early recognition of pictured objects, of which certain animals have a measure, is often strikingly discerning.

Had she, so observant, so discerning in her fastidious taste—had she failed to notice the small detail too?

Discerning a dark object among the branches, he shrinks back, crosses stage, and goes out through the wood to the left.

After dinner, the discerning eye of the co-mother-in-law divines the work of darkness.

It was, she knew, a precious privilege to know a poet, and to see the natural and spiritual worlds through his discerning eyes.

She came closer to him, looking up from her compact little five-feet-two with discerning eyes.

It is significant that some of the discerning admire him for one phase of his work, some for another.

Not the most discerning observer would have imagined he felt a twinge of regret over his failure.

But judgments like those of the appreciative and discerning author of the treatise On the Sublime are rare.