Stony [adjective]

Definition of Stony:

hard, icy in appearance, response

Opposite/Antonyms of Stony:

Sentence/Example of Stony:

The ground is stony, and scarce any thing but gravel, mixt with a little earth.

But it was Stony Mountain that was of most importance to the British.

At this time, young Dunlap was introduced to the stony paths of playwriting.

His horrible pleading fell on stony ears, and he changed his tune.

To his further remonstrances she interposed a stony silence.

I saw Molly standing in the sunlight by my side, her face a stony mask.

There was a point where the stony slope above the bank was strewn with them.

Mercy Lascelles raised a pair of stony eyes, and her thin lips were smiling.

Her face was stony—stony as the face of the woman who was watching her.

Incidentally they gave Dave the number of their Stony Island residence.