Childlike [adjective]

Definition of Childlike:

innocent, naive

Synonyms of Childlike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Childlike:

Sentence/Example of Childlike:

He could been my son, but I felt childlike before his authority.

Stephan Pastis, creator of “Pearls Before Swine,” views Calvin as an expression of pure childlike id, yet thinks there is a whole other dynamic that makes many of Calvin’s acts of imagination so appealing.

I looked up at the stars and felt my childlike wonder return.

There’s a real sense of childlike treasure-hunting tied to foraging.

With childlike confidence he follows the advice of some more or less honest dealer.

In his childlike, impulsive fashion he had not thought of the future when he adopted Jean.

There was in his voice a sound of warm yet almost childlike enthusiasm, with which she was becoming very familiar.

So Aristide, in his childlike way, found remarkable happiness in Beverly Stoke.

By way of showing a pretty, childlike impatience, she began to beat time with her feet to the spirited air the band was playing.

That is why our little sailor-boys, though their hearts are childlike still, have the spirit of gallant veterans.