Maturing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Maturing:

And twice he had been oblivious to that token of their maturing understanding.

It is their veil and guard while maturing and strengthening.

In both countries the river-water must be used for maturing the crops.

It is a product of love ties, but only as these flourish in a maturing intimacy.

It was, however, a growth which was five centuries in maturing.

Then, when the plans were maturing for her coming home, she died too.

She was maturing her plans and waiting for an opportunity to put them into action.

He had been busy all the while—busy with his thoughts—busy in maturing a plan for my escape.

As whatever grows has its natural period for maturing, so has love.

There is a natural unfolding and maturing to the beauty of old age.