Perfecting [verb]

Definition of Perfecting:

polish; achieve

Synonyms of Perfecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perfecting:

Sentence/Example of Perfecting:

From 1873-5 he was engaged in perfecting his 'Electro-harmonic telegraph.'

In the meanwhile Tom kept on perfecting his car and battery.

I concluded to relinquish my school and turn my attention to perfecting the Machine.

And now, let us proceed to legislate with a view to perfecting the form and outline of our state.

Have not my days been all devoted to the perfecting of thine happiness?

But the troops were drilled, and were kept busy in perfecting the fortifications.

These studies were followed only for the purpose of perfecting and beautifying the personality.

What have mother and father been working for, after all, but the perfecting of the child's life?

This time was employed in perfecting our defences in various ways.

The end is a more perfect man, developed by the perfecting of all mankind.