Idealize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Idealize:

Take note of the characteristics which are peculiar to your model, and use them; do not change them nor idealize them.

Once settled on the new land, however, immigrants inevitably remember and idealize the home they have left.

When Dora is married he will idealize her, and assure himself that her marriage is the tragedy of both their lives.

Love is their chief motive,they either idealize or degrade it,and of the love we women long for most, they have no conception.

The bubble of her imagining of Lawson was pricked for the moment by it; it is hard to idealize what another despises.

We idealize in fancy because our idealizations in fact are balked.

Of course, I elaborate and idealize, but the actual facts are always drawn from real life.

But, she told herself, leaning her forehead against the cold window pane, to think herself cruel was still to idealize Maurice.

Authors, artists, and princes have attempted to idealize Yusuf, but the task was futile.

You and I live so much apart from society that we idealize it a good deal, though you are a stray-away bit of it.