Dream [noun]

Definition of Dream:

illusion, vision

Synonyms of Dream:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dream:

Sentence/Example of Dream:

His duet with Egyptian singer Mohammed Ramadan, released four years on, racked up 100 million views in a month — numbers that American superstars dream of.

We all know times are incredibly tough, and everyone’s working overtime on steroids to keep their startup dreams alive.

This book is so meaningful to me, and I recommend everyone read it—especially young women who may be unsure of decisions you are facing and how they may impact your ability to reach your dreams.

It’s not clear how much he’s paying for the trip, but one has to assume it’s more than most of us could ever dream of making in our lifetimes.

Many dreamed that instant access to information would improve our ability to discern truth from lies and good from bad.

Here are the best trips in the world to start dreaming about now.

What was once the lifeblood of the local economy—well-paying union jobs that allowed tens of thousands of households to own their own homes, save for retirement, and pursue their American dream—had been stripped away.

As basic scientists, we never dreamed we would run into this path of discovery.

So part of the dream for my field is that someday the community will understand it well enough that we can explain it to undergraduates.

Now, if New Zealand startup Emrod has its way, Tesla and Marconi’s dreams may merge.